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09/11/23 | 10:49 am

12,100 killed on both sides as Israeli troops continue offensive in Gaza

The devastating Gaza conflict has claimed 12,100 lives on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides, according to data released by health authorities on both sides on Wednesday.

The Gaza Strip's health department on Wednesday revealed a staggering death toll of 10,569 people since the outbreak of the current round of the conflict.

In addition, the West Bank has reported 163 fatalities.

Israeli sources reported that over 1,400 people lost their lives in the conflict.

The Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday the ongoing destruction of Hamas strongholds in Gaza City, and the seizure of approximately 700 rocket projectiles. Additionally, the engineering corps has successfully demolished 130 Hamas-used underground tunnel shafts.

To facilitate civilian evacuation, the Israeli military announced that the Salah al-Din road was designated as an evacuation corridor on Wednesday, opening from 10: 00 to 15:00. Around 50,000 individuals exited the embattled zone via this route to southern Gaza during that time period, three times the number in the previous day.

Hamas militants continued their clashes with Israeli forces, claiming to have destroyed 15 Israeli military vehicles, including five tanks across multiple locations in Gaza. The Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, claimed responsibility for destroying 136 Israeli military vehicles since the current conflict began.


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