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7th session of Foreign Office Consultations between India and Sweden

India and Sweden have reaffirmed their commitment to advancing bilateral ties, as showcased during the recent 7th session of Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) held in Stockholm on May 3, 2024. Led by Pavan Kapoor from India and Jan Knutsson from Sweden, the meeting highlighted significant strides in various areas of collaboration and outlined a roadmap for future cooperation.

One of the focal points of the discussion was the progress made in key sectors such as innovation, sustainability, trade, and investment. Both sides emphasized the importance of leveraging emerging technologies like semiconductors, green steel, and green batteries to drive sustainable development. The LeadIT initiative, operating under the India Sweden Industry Transition Partnership, was lauded for its contribution to combating climate change.

Security concerns also featured prominently, with discussions revolving around cyber security and counter-terrorism measures. The possibility of joint collaborations in the defense sector was explored, underscoring the commitment to ensuring regional stability and security.

Economic ties between the two nations were hailed as robust and rapidly growing. The significance of events like the India Sweden Innovation Bridge, India Sweden Innovation Day, and India Sweden Sustainability Day in fostering business-to-business relations was acknowledged. Additionally, the substantial Indian community in Sweden was recognized as a vital link between the two countries.

The consultation also delved into global issues, including cooperation in reforming the United Nations Security Council and enhancing India-EU bilateral relations. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the progress in strengthening India-EU cooperation and emphasized the need for a timely conclusion of a mutually beneficial India-EU Free Trade Agreement.

Looking ahead, India and Sweden agreed to convene the next round of consultations in New Delhi at a mutually convenient date, underscoring their commitment to sustained dialogue and cooperation.

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