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12/04/24 | 9:51 pm

A Taste of Home: Indian Expats Flock to Karama’s Ramadan Street Food Festival

Dubai’s vibrant Karama neighborhood is buzzing with the delicious flavors of Ramadan, thanks to the return of the popular Ramadan Street Food Festival. This year’s event, which is ongoing, proved to be a haven for the city’s large Indian expat community, offering a nostalgic taste of home amidst the festive atmosphere.

Over 55 restaurants in Karama participated in the festival, showcasing a delectable array of Indian street food favorites.

From melt-in-your-mouth samosas,traditional Indian cusines to aromatic curries and fluffy naan, the festival transported attendees back to bustling Indian bazaars, adding a finer touch to Eid Celebrations in the Emirates.

For many Indian expats, the festival wasn’t just about the food; it was a chance to connect with their heritage and share the spirit of Ramadan with loved ones.

Launched last year, the street festival has become a huge hit, especially among residents hailing from the southern Indian state of Kerala for whom the gathering is a connect to their hometowns.

By: Vinod Kumar(Dubai)

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