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27/12/23 | 6:14 pm

Ammonia gas leak detected in a sub-sea pipe in Ennore, Chennai

“Ammonia gas leak detected in a sub-sea pipe in Ennore. This was noticed and stopped. The production head says the leak caused a strong smell and five people felt uneasy and were shifted to a health facility. They are fine now,” the Tamil Nadu Environment and Forest Department said.

DIG, Joint Commissioner Avadi, Vijayakumar tweeted, “No need to panic. The leak has been stabilised. No more gas (ammonia) leaks at Ennore. People are reassured and are back home. medical and police teams present.”

According to the Tamil Nadu Environment and Forest Department, a message was received from the unit at 12.45 am regarding the ammonia gas leakage that happened during the pre-cooling operation of the pipeline.

“Immediately the Joint Chief Environmental Engineer JCEE (M) Chennai along with District Environmental Engineer DEE (Ambattur) and AEE (Manali) reached the site by 2.15 am and inspected the unit and the pipeline locations. The Joint Director, Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH) who is the authority for the safety of the industrial operation was also present at the site,” Supriya Sahu Additional Chief Secretary Environment Climate Change and Forests said.

The unit observed a pressure drop in the pipeline at around 11.45 pm and simultaneously observed a pungent odour around the storage terminal and near the material gate.

“The unit also immediately visited the pipeline location across the road and observed gas bubbles coming out of the pipeline at about 2' from the shore. The unit immediately started depressurising the pipeline by diverting the ammonia vapour to the flare and completed the operation within 20 minutes,” the Tamil Nadu Environment and Forest Department added.

Police and the District Administration along with the unit arranged ambulances and public transport for managing any emergency. Some people also received first aid due to eye irritation and breathing difficulties. (ANI)

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