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“Bachhe ka man behlane ka kaam chal raha hai”: PM Modi takes jibe at Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party’s recent electoral performance in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, using colorful metaphors and pointed analysis to highlight the opposition’s denial of reality.

In his address, PM Modi took aim at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, comparing the party’s reaction to election results to a child being consoled after falling off a bicycle. “Bachhe ka mann behlane ka kaam chal raha hai,” PM Modi remarked, accusing the Congress of attempting to convince the public they had somehow emerged victorious.

The Prime Minister emphasized the historic nature of Congress’s defeat, noting it was the first time in the party’s history that they failed to cross the 100-seat mark in three consecutive elections. “This is the third biggest defeat in the history of Congress,” PM Modi said, criticizing the party for not accepting the people’s mandate.

Using a series of analogies, PM Modi ridiculed Congress’s celebration of their 99 seats. He likened it to a student boasting about scoring 99, only to be told by a teacher that it was 99 out of 543, not 100. “Now, who will explain to that foolish boy that he has set a world record for failure?” the Prime Minister quipped.

PM Modi also accused Congress of becoming a “par-jeevi” (parasitic) party, relying heavily on alliance partners for their limited success. He pointed out that in direct contests with the BJP, Congress’s strike rate was only 26%, compared to 50% when in alliances.

The Prime Minister highlighted Congress’s poor performance in states where they contested alone, such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. “Out of 64 seats, they could win only 2. This means that Congress has become entirely ‘Par-jeevi’,” Modi asserted.

(Inputs from ANI)

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