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23/04/24 | 3:59 pm

Bangladesh suffers under brutal heatwave sweeping the nation

A severe week-long heatwave sweeping over Bangladesh has seen scorching temperatures rise up to 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit) as authorities issued a nationwide heatwave alert on Monday.

“Due to increasing moisture incursion, the discomfort may increase during the next 72 hours,” said the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

Authorities have also temporarily shut schools for the week and asked people to stay out of the sun to avoid heatstroke.

Workers who toil outdoors like labourers and rickshaw drivers say the brutal heat has become extremely challenging.

“I can barely keep my eyes open in the sun,” said rickshaw driver Harunur Rashid. “It feels better to sit under any shadow of a tree. Can’t work much in this situation.”

The heatwave has also left some animals in the zoo suffering and panting from the punishing heat.

The government has directed all hospitals to stay prepared as heat strokes and dehydration may go rampant in the South Asian nation due to the heatwave.


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