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15/11/23 | 3:38 pm

Bharat Electronics Limited showcases latest defence technologies at Dubai Airshow

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has presented a diverse range of defense technologies at the Dubai Airshow, addressing contemporary security challenges. The showcased portfolio includes radar systems, network-centric solutions (C4ISR), naval systems, missile systems, electronic warfare, avionics, and electro-optics and extends to non-defense products.

Focus on Counter Drone System

A notable highlight is BEL's Counter Drone System, designed for real-time search, detection, tracking, and neutralization (both soft and hard kill) of micro and small UAVs in designated areas. Utilizing radars, RF-based detection, EO sensors, and COMINT, the system ensures precise target identification. Soft-kill measures involve RF jamming and anti-GNSS technologies, with the hard kill executed through the Laser Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) system. The system provides detailed information, including optical and thermal imagery, displayed on a user-friendly graphical interface.

Secure Submarine-Based Communications

BEL introduces a Software Defined Radio tailored for encrypted submarine-based communications, emphasizing its commitment to providing secure communication capabilities for submarine operations.

Upgraded Radar Systems

The upgraded and miniaturized versions of the Weapon Locating RADAR (WLR) and Air Defence Fire Control RADAR (ADFCR) represent key components of BEL's export strategy. These radar systems showcase the company's dedication to staying at the forefront of defense technology.BEL has also showcased its capability in upgrading military tanks with advanced state-of-the-art electronics and optics to enhance the performance of the tanks in the war field.

The strategic unveiling at the Dubai Airshow positions BEL as a player in the international defense market, highlighting its commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving demands of defense and security. As the world seeks advanced defense solutions, Bharat Electronics Limited stands as a reliable partner in meeting global security challenges.

Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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