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01/05/24 | 10:52 pm | BJP

BJP will get more seats than Congress in South India: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday expressed confidence in the BJP-led NDA winning over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, emphasising that the party will do better than Congress in the five southern states.

During a roadshow in Haveri, Shah pointed out the large presence of people and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has huge public support and BJP will sweep Haveri and Karnataka.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Shah said that the BJP would outperform the Congress in the five southern states. Responding to Congress’ assertions of the BJP’s decline, Shah reiterated the party’s steadfast progress toward achieving its goal of over 400 seats for the NDA, affirming, “We will achieve it.”

Hitting out at Congress, Amit Shah said that the Congress party is “desperate” because PM Modi’s words about Congress’ manifesto are resonating with people.

“What Congress has said in its manifesto, PM Modi is only presenting that to the public in easy language. Since it is clicking with people, Congress is desperate,” the Home Minister said.

He slammed Congress over its allegations that BJP will “throw away” the constitution if it comes to power and said the opposition party is scared and is “misleading” people.

The Home Minister stressed that the BJP won’t touch the issue of reservations for weaker sections. He slammed Congress over “deep fake” videos of his speech having been shared and said it is being done in “desperation”.

“Public knows and understands everything… For 16 years (1998- 2004 and 2014-2024), we didn’t touch reservations. We don’t want to touch it. They (Congress) are desperate so they edited my video and attempted to wrongfully present it to the people,” Amit Shah said.

“They are desperate and are fearing their defeat. So, they are promoting deepfake videos,” he added.

Karnataka has 28 Lok Sabha seats and elections in the state are being held in two phases. Voting for 14 seats concluded on April 26 and the remaining 14 seats will undergo polling on May 7. The counting of votes is scheduled for June 4.

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