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20/12/23 | 10:33 am

Centre consolidates soil health initiatives for enhanced agricultural productivity

Since its inception in the fiscal year 2014-15, the soil health card scheme has played a major role in equipping farmers with vital information about the nutrient status of their soil. Alongside recommendations for optimal nutrient application, the scheme empowers farmers to make informed decisions for the betterment of soil health and productivity.

With a distribution of 23.58 crore soil health cards to farmers, the program has demonstrated widespread impact. The incorporation of these schemes into the RKVY's Soil Health & Fertility component reaffirms the government's dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Guidelines have been communicated to farmers for implementing various activities under the scheme, emphasizing the judicious use of chemical fertilizers in conjunction with organic manures and bio-fertilizers. Farmer training sessions, demonstrations based on Soil Health Card recommendations, and 7,425 farmer melas/campaigns have collectively contributed to creating awareness and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices.

The government's commitment to scientific and data-driven agriculture is evident in the establishment of 8,272 soil testing labs across the country since the initiation of these initiatives. This robust network includes 1,068 static soil testing labs, 163 mobile soil testing labs, 6,376 mini soil testing labs, and 665 village-level soil testing labs. This extensive infrastructure ensures that farmers have convenient access to soil testing services, enabling them to make informed decisions about soil management practices.

By Manish Poswal 

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