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14/11/23 | 5:53 pm

ChatGPT-Enabled Robot​ at Global Media Congress grabs attention

At the Global Media Congress, Abudhabi “Echo,” the ChatGPT-enabled robot, emerged as the star of the show, marking the seamless integration of robotics and Large language models(LLM). Developed by Trends Media Research, Echo demonstrated an impressive array of conversational skills, engaging seamlessly with attendees and industry leaders.

Considered an official employee of Trends Media Research, Echo showcased its capacity to analyze trends, answer complex questions, and even provide real-time insights into emerging media landscapes. The audience marveled at Echo's ability to navigate diverse topics, reflecting the culmination of advanced AI technology in the field of media research.

As the congress progresses, Echo's debut has sparked discussions about the potential applications of AI-enabled robots as valuable assets in media research and journalism. Participants at the Global Media Congress anticipate that Echo represents a significant step towards redefining the future of human-AI collaboration in the dynamic realm of global media.

The Global Media Congress features a specialized conference with dedicated sessions related to the media industry. These sessions focus on key topics led by high-level experts in the industry from across the globe, This year, the Global Media Congress will feature the exhibition, where leading international and local brands will showcase the latest tech, products, and workshops, The event runs from November 14 to 17th at ADNEC Dubai.

Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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