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05/12/23 | 9:39 pm

Clean Energy Transition: India’s leadership acknowledged in COP28 talks

Key representatives from the Quad nations engaged in a panel discussion at the India Pavilion during COP28 in Dubai. The Quad initiatives focused on Clean Energy Innovation and Deployment in the Indo-Pacific region. Ella Davison of Australia, Lalit Bohra from India, Izuru Kobayashi of Japan, and Dr. Andrew Light from the USA participated in the dialogue.

Ella Davison, Director, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, emphasized the importance of collaboration within the Quad construct and bilateral partnerships to identify comparative advantages, address supply chain gaps, and foster long-term cooperation for new industries.

Izuru Kobayashi, Deputy Director-General for Technology and Environment, Industrial Science, Technology and Environment Policy Bureau, Japan, highlighted the quest for affordable hydrogen and discussed the diverse forms it can take during the application stage, emphasizing the need for efficient supply chains.

Andrew Light Asst Secretary US Department of Energy highlighted the Quad’s role in real-time, honest trading of ideas for a compatible and scalable hydrogen market, ensuring no oversupply or underutilization. The panel also emphasized the essential role of India in the clean energy transformation, envisioning a collaborative finance infrastructure attracting private capital for sustainable development.

The discussion extended to Quad’s involvement in critical mineral production, showcasing a comprehensive approach to addressing global energy challenges.

Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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