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01/09/23 | 4:01 pm

Demystify G20 Summit with ‘JEETU Bhaiya’ through Comic Strips and Animated videos!

India is hosting a two-day very high profile G20 Summit in New Delhi from September 9 to 10. A number of head of the nations including US President Joe Biden, UK PM Rishi Sunak and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are among the foreign delegates scheduled to visit India to attend this mega event. A lot of pressing and vexing issues affecting the world, are expected to be discussed during the summit, which need a lucid delineation as a wide range of DD’s young audience gets confused, when trying to demystifying the complex world of G20 leadership and its impacts over the world? 

Here, we have devised a simple way to explain all these complicated issues to our young audience. We try to remove their doubts and confusion about the upcoming G20 Summit, and offer them all the valuable information about the same. If anyone has any questions about G20, he/she can shoot it in the comments section and the team will give the answers in Comic Strips and Animated Videos!

Here, we bring the ease of comic Strip style character and storytelling to simplify the concept of global leadership. The character/mascot ‘JEETU’ breaks down the G20 summit, its significance, and the way it shapes our world, all in a way that's a fun, engaging, and quite easy to understand.

Answers are given in the language of the audience using relatable situations to demystify G20 concepts. Through this informative entertainment, our young audience can learn and dive into short Comic Strips that not only entertain, but leave the viewer with a deeper understanding of G20 and India’s global leadership. These appeal to both youngsters and elders alike. 

Here, each Comic Strip is designed as a short, shareable creative post /video, which is perfect for fast-paced social media feeds and youngsters as DD’s Audience. To foster an interactive engagement, we have quiz questions, polls, and challenges to ensure that the audience is a part of the learning adventure. Moreover, to empower through knowledge, Jeetu Bhaiya- an interesting character, equips the youth to become informed global citizens with discussions and awareness posts.

Now, meet JEETU and ride along on a crash course about the G20- like who all are involved, why this summit matters so much, and how it impacts everything from the economy to climate change. Explore with JEETU, the dynamics of G20 meetings and witness how world leaders collaborate on global challenges. 

JEETU also gives the young inquisitive audience relevant examples of the G20's influence on policies and decisions that touch everyday life. Here, our audience can also learn as to how citizens can participate, influence and be accountable as citizens within the G20 framework. In this way, the ‘G20 with JEETU’ caters to curious minds asking them to come together and decode the complexities of India’s G20 leadership. 

Finally, tune in and follow our social media channels for regular episodes and updates. Spread the word – share, retweet and invite friends to be a part of this enlightening journey of knowledge. You may also participate in quizzes, polls and discussions to deepen your understanding. Jeetu Bhaiya may satiate all of your questions related to G20 in the upcoming posts/episode! Never miss!

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