Feedback | Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Election Commission urges vigilance against misinformation ahead of General Election

As the General Election edges closer, the Election Commission is prepared to tackle the challenge of misinformation, which poses a threat to the democratic process. The Commission has issued strict directives, urging all stakeholders to be vigilant and responsible. Highlighting the gravity of the issue, the electoral body calls on political parties to verify information before sharing it, warning against the spread of false narratives.

To counter the spread of misleading content, the Election Commission calls upon all political parties to exhibit responsible behavior on social media platforms. Furthermore, it appeals for a discourse that fosters unity rather than division. Parties are urged to refrain from hate speeches and avoid exploiting caste or religious sentiments for electoral gains. The Commission is resolute in its commitment to combatting the purveyors of fake news, warning that the originators of false information will face severe consequences under existing laws.

Nodal officers across states have been assigned the task of promptly removing unlawful content to mitigate its detrimental impact on the electoral process. Parties are instructed to engage in issue-based campaigning and abstain from disseminating unverified or misleading advertisements. The Commission underscores that the responsibility of upholding these principles rests squarely on the shoulders of star campaigners, who are entrusted with setting an example throughout the electoral campaign.

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