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15/12/23 | 2:38 pm

ESIC payroll data reveals significant job growth and social security expansion in October 2023

In a promising development for the employment landscape in India, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has reported the addition of 17.28 lakh new employees in the month of October 2023. This surge in employment is complemented by the registration of 23,468 new establishments, effectively expanding the social security coverage under the ESIC.

The provisional payroll data underscores a positive trend in job creation, particularly benefiting the nation's youth. Among the 17.28 lakh employees added, a substantial 8.25 lakh fall within the age group of 25 years and below, constituting an impressive 47.76% of the total new registrations.

A closer look at the gender-wise analysis of the payroll data reveals a noteworthy increase in the enrollment of female members, with 3.31 lakh new female employees joining the ESIC scheme in October 2023. The inclusive approach of ESIC is highlighted by the registration of 51 transgender employees during the same period, emphasizing the commitment to extend benefits to every section of society.

The data signals a concerted effort by ESIC to bridge employment gaps and provide social security to a diverse workforce. These numbers indicate not only the quantitative growth in employment but also a qualitative expansion in terms of gender and inclusivity.

By Manish Poswal 

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