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23/04/24 | 1:33 pm

Everest says its food products are safe after Hong Kong halts sale

Indian spice maker Everest Food Products said on Tuesday that its products were safe, after authorities in Singapore asked an importer to detain one of them for inspection, following a sale ban in Hong Kong.

Only one of 60 Everest products had been held for examination, Rajiv Shah, a company director, said in a statement, adding they were safe, and there was no need for concern.

“Exports are cleared only after receiving necessary clearances and approval from the laboratories of the Spice Board of India,” he said.

In a notification this month, Singapore’s food safety authority asked domestic importers to recall and temporarily hold the item, fish curry masala.

The action came after a Hong Kong regulator ordered a sales ban on some Everest items, allegedly because they contained a cancer-causing pesticide.


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