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26/09/23 | 9:57 am

FSSAI emphasises on compliance of safety and quality of edibles and raw materials ahead of festive season

The meeting was attended by sweet manufacturers and associations across the country.  More than 150 food Business operators participated in the meeting.
The meeting was focused on sensitising the ecosystem regarding the perishable high risk edibles to ensure safe food throughout the touch points including manufacturing, storage, distribution & point of sale to the consumer.
In the meeting, higher emphasis was given on checking adulteration in raw materials especially milk and milk products viz. Khoa, Paneer, Ghee which are more susceptible to adulteration and contamination during the high consumption season. Further, FBOs were sensitised to focus on testing and to ensure purchase of raw materials especially milk, khoa, ghee, paneer etc. only from vendors registered/licensed by FSSAI.
All Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to monitor the quality of oil during frying by complying with the FSS regulations. Further, FBOs were advised to follow safe display practices for the loose sweets and to discourage outdoor cooking practices, as they can expose food and raw materials to environmental contaminants and pose risks to food safety.
The meeting concluded with a collective appeal to all stakeholders, urging them to take unified action to ensure the production of safe and quality sweets for consumers, particularly during the forthcoming festive season. This reiterates FSSAI's commitment to safeguarding public health by promoting food safety standards within the Indian sweets industry. 

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