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Goa Liberation Day: Commemorating the End of Portuguese Rule and India’s Triumph

“Best wishes on Goa Liberation Day. We remember the valor of all stalwarts who strengthened the movement to free Goa. Their determination inspires us to always work towards the growth and prosperity of Goa,” wrote PM Modi.

Goa Liberation Day stands as a testament to India's unwavering spirit, symbolizing the end of 450 years of Portuguese possession. Located about 250 miles south of Mumbai, Goa, one of India's smallest states, epitomizes resilience, growth, and prosperity.

The liberation of Goa marked a historic turning point, ending colonial rule. After the military action that freed Goa, the Portuguese government severed diplomatic ties with India, refusing to acknowledge the incorporation of the territories into India. The news was met with mourning in Lisbon, and Christmas celebrations were subdued.

Initially placed under military administration after the fall of Portuguese rule, Goa transitioned to civilian governance in June 1962. The move to liberate Goa garnered support from the Soviet Union and the Non-Aligned Movement, reflecting global solidarity with anti-colonial movements.

While diplomatic relations between India and Portugal faced challenges initially, they were re-established in 1974 following a treaty recognizing India's sovereignty over Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli.

After liberation, Goa achieved significant milestones in tourism, becoming a thriving destination. This day offers an occasion to reflect on Goa's accomplishments and progress across various sectors, serving as a day for remembrance and celebration to honor the pivotal role played by the Indian forces in securing the freedom of Goa.

By Manish Poswal 

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