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28/11/23 | 12:01 pm

Google to begin deleting ‘inactive’ accounts in December

Google is set to implement a new policy starting in December that involves the deletion of ‘inactive’ accounts. The tech giant is urging users to log in to their Google accounts promptly to prevent potential data loss.

The decision to delete Google accounts inactive for a minimum of two years is part of Google’s initiative to bolster security measures for its users. Google Account Help outlines the specifics of this inactive account policy, emphasizing that Google reserves the right to delete an inactive Google Account and its associated activity and data if users remain inactive across Google services for at least two years. This policy is applicable solely to personal Google Accounts and does not extend to accounts established for users through work, school, or other organizations.

To be deemed active, a Google Account must demonstrate engagement in specific activities. Such activities include reading or sending emails, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, sharing photos, downloading apps, utilizing Google Search, or employing the “Sign in with Google” feature for third-party app or service logins.

Google clarifies that an account will be considered inactive if it remains unused for a consecutive two-year period, potentially leading to the deletion of all content and data associated with that account. However, before taking this step, Google typically provides users with an opportunity to take action within their accounts. According to Google’s policy, December 1, 2023, marks the earliest date on which a Google Account could be subject to deletion. Users are encouraged to act promptly to avoid any inconvenience or loss of data in accordance with this upcoming policy.

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