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29/11/23 | 2:07 pm

Guide on Gender-Inclusive Communication launched in New Delhi

Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, launched the ‘Guide on Gender-Inclusive Communication’ in New Delhi on Tuesday. The guide, “Gender-Inclusive Communication”, provides recommendations and examples on use of Gender-Inclusive language that avoids bias towards various gender.

The guide covers the use of language in English, Hindi, and other regional languages, based on the “Handbook on Combatting Gender Stereotypes” by Supreme Court of India and other national and global best practices customized to suit the requirements of the Indian citizens.

The guide also includes a checklist for gender-related revisions and key resources for further reference. The guide can be used in gender-inclusive writing, review, and translation of documents and communications by government officials, civil servants, media professionals, educators, and other stakeholders.

It aims to heighten awareness, empower individuals to navigate daily communications with a commitment to gender neutrality and inclusivity, and fundamentally reshape the narrative towards a society where language becomes an agent for positive change. By highlighting and acknowledging implicit biases present in everyday language, the guide can serve as a catalyst for change.

The Union Minister during her address said that by adopting gender-inclusive language, we can challenge stereotypes and promote a more respectful and equitable environment for all.

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