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Hot Khichdi being filled in cylindrical bottles for labourers trapped in Silkyara tunnel

Following the successful installation of an alternative six-inch lifeline pipe at the Silkyara tunnel, where 41 laborers have been trapped for over a week, rescuers are now preparing and sending hot meals, such as Khichdi, to the stranded workers.

Hemant, the cook responsible for preparing the Khichdi for the trapped labourers, mentioned in an interview that it's the first time they're able to send a hot meal directly inside the tunnel. He emphasized they are following recommended food options for the workers.

In a major breakthrough earlier today, a six-inch pipe reached the collapsed section of the 2 km-long tunnel, marking progress in the rescue operation. Colonel Deepak Patil, overseeing the rescue, stated that this alternative lifeline will facilitate sending essential items like food, mobile phones, and chargers to the workers.

Regarding the food items being sent, Colonel Patil mentioned that, in consultation with doctors, a list has been prepared considering the condition of the laborers. The plan includes packaging bananas, apples, Khichdi, and Daliya in plastic cylindrical bottles with wide mouths.

Anshu Manish Khulko, the Director of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL), shared earlier in the day that the trapped labourers were filled with relief and hope upon learning about the breakthrough. He expressed confidence in the rescue team's intensified efforts following the establishment of this alternative lifeline.

Khulko affirmed that with the new lifeline in place, the rescuers will proceed with greater determination to evacuate the labourers, putting their full force behind the operation.


(Inputs from ANI)

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