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IMD predicts relief from heatwave in Rajasthan in next two days

Several states in India, including Rajasthan, are currently experiencing severe heatwave conditions. Radhe Shyam, director of Regional Meteorological Centre in Jaipur, on Friday said that Western Rajasthan, where temperatures have soared above 45 degrees Celsius, may get relief in the next day or two due to a Western disturbance.

Rajasthan is currently witnessing maximum temperatures ranging from 43 to 46 degrees Celsius, with Barmer recording the highest temperature at 46 degrees Celsius.

Earlier, the Regional Meteorological Centre in Jaipur issued a yellow alert and heatwave warnings when temperatures in several districts crossed the 44 degrees Celsius mark.

Meanwhile, doctors have advised children and the elderly, especially those battling illnesses or with medical conditions, to be cautious.

Dr Deepak Maheshwari, a senior heart specialist with Jaipur’s Swai Man Singh Medical College, said: “Children and the elderly batting diseases or medical conditions are the most vulnerable in the prevailing heatwave. They should exercise caution and take special care of themselves. They should refrain from stepping outdoors in this heat unless necessary and, if at all, they have to, they should cover themselves suitably and stay hydrated.

“People are advised to wear full-sleeved shirts while stepping outdoors and ensure limited exposure to the hot sun. It is essential to keep themselves hydrated either with water, fruit juices, electrolytes, or ORS. Inadequate consumption of water or fluids could result in a severe downturn in one’s health. One should pay heed to medical advice as a heatstroke can affect multiple human organs. It could also potentially result in strokes and gastrointestinal malfunction. Hence, one is advised to take these simple precautions to avoid health risks,” Dr. Maheshwari said.

Dr. Manish Agrawal, a senior neurosurgeon with SMS Medical College, said that when the maximum temperature ranges between 44°C and 45 °C, people may experience headaches and nausea.

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