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25/04/24 | 6:27 pm | Bangladesh | BMD | Heatwave

In Bangladesh, heatwave alert extended for 72 hours:

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) has issued again a country-wide fresh heat wave alert message for the next 72 hours from Thursday morning. At least ten people, which includes maximum farmers, have died of suspected heat stroke in the last couple of days in different parts of Bangladesh.
Amid severe heatwave, hospitals across Khulna division of Bangladesh are struggling to accommodate an influx of heat stroke affected patients. Key healthcare facilities, including Khulna Medical College Hospital, have reached full capacity, forcing patients to occupy floors, corridors, and even stairways due to a lack of available beds.
The heat wave condition forced the authorities concerned to close all schools, madrasas and colleges till April 27. Dhaka University authorities also announced to hold classes online due to the scorching heat.
In the latest heat wave alert Meteorologist M Shaheenul Islam said that due to increased moisture incursion, the discomfort may increase. The BMD meteorologist further said in the next 2-3 days, the temperature in some areas may drop up to 1 degree. As of now, the current temperature trend may continue for the next 2-3 days.
This announcement follows earlier alerts issued on April 19 and April 22, as the BMD continues to monitor and respond to the challenging weather patterns affecting the region.
Bangladesh’s highest temperature was recorded at 42.6 degrees Celsius in Jessore in South-West Bangladesh on Sunday while the season’s highest temperature in the capital Dhaka was recorded at 40.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday, said the meteorologist.
Over 42 degrees Celsius temperature is considered as a very severe heat wave while between 40-41.9 degrees Celsius is considered as severe and 38 to 39.9 degrees Celsius is considered as moderate heat wave while 36 to 37.9 degrees Celsius is considered as mild heat wave in the country, according to the BMD.
Navalsang Parmar(Dhaka)
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