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18/07/23 | 3:48 pm

India-GCC Buyers Sellers Meet at Dubai boosts trade relations & showcases innovation

India-GCC Buyers Sellers Meet on food and beverages is being held at Dubai today, showcasing Indian products to the wider market of Gulf cooperation Council. Organized with the goal of facilitating fruitful collaborations, with thirty eight Indian companies and 140 importers from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the event is expected to attract prominent buyers and sellers from both regions. 

With a focus on the dynamic F&B industry, this meet offers a prime opportunity for Indian exporters to showcase their diverse range of products and establish valuable business connections. The event is being organised by the Trade Promotion Council of India.

The event holds immense importance against the backdrop of the robust trade relationship between India and the GCC countries, with the trade volume recently crossing noteworthy milestones. The annual India-GCC Buyers Sellers Meet plays a pivotal role in further strengthening these ties and creating a conducive environment for increased trade activity.

One of the key factors that contribute to the event’s success is Dubai, a recognized hub for re-export. The strategic location of Dubai provides an ideal setting for facilitating trade flows and attracting global participants. With its well-established infrastructure and efficient distribution networks, Dubai serves as a gateway for Indian exporters to reach a wider market within the GCC region.

Furthermore, the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and the GCC countries acts as a catalyst for fostering economic cooperation and facilitating trade. This agreement streamlines trade procedures, reduces barriers, and encourages mutual investments, thereby creating a favorable environment for businesses to thrive.

At the India-GCC Buyers Sellers Meet, participants can expect a showcase of innovative food and beverage products from India. From traditional delicacies to health-conscious offerings and cutting-edge creations, the event will present a diverse range of options for buyers to explore and source. This platform enables exhibitors to engage in fruitful discussions. 

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