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India joins UN led conference on Afghanistan in Doha

India has joined a UN-led conference on Afghanistan that began on Sunday in Doha. Representing India at the conference is J.P. Singh, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs. India is one of 25 countries participating in this third conference, which aims to find ways to improve the lives of Afghan people under Taliban rule.

This meeting is notable because it is the first time the Taliban are attending the talks. However, the UN has clarified that the discussions are not intended to lead to international recognition of the Taliban. Other participants include the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The delegation attended the meeting after the organizers assured them that women would not be included in the meeting. This two-day meeting is the third meeting organized by the United Nations on the Afghan crisis in Qatar’s capital Doha.

India has significant economic and security interests in Afghanistan. New Delhi believes that the international community should focus on combating terrorism, providing humanitarian assistance, forming an inclusive government, and preserving the rights of women, girls, and minorities.

Securing its investments in Afghanistan is also a priority for India, which is involved in nearly 500 projects across all 34 provinces of the country. However, the top priority for India is ensuring that Afghan territory is not used to shelter terrorists or finance terrorist activities. India will emphasize that instability in Afghanistan poses a threat to the entire region.

Taliban gained control of power in Afghanistan in August 2021, but no country officially recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Kabul. The United Nations has said that recognition is almost impossible as long as restrictions on women’s education and employment remain in place.

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