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17/05/24 | 6:02 pm

India maintains zero tolerance for cross-border terrorism: EAM Jaishankar

External affairs minister S. Jaishankar on Friday reiterated India’s uncompromising stance against cross-border terrorism at the CII Annual Business Summit 2024. He warned that any terrorist activity originating from across the border would face severe repercussions.

Condemning Pakistan’s persistent support for terrorism, the external affairs minister pointed out India’s decisive actions in response to such threats, referencing the retaliatory strikes at Uri and Balakot. He emphasised that the future of India-Pakistan relations depends on Pakistan’s actions, suggesting that if Pakistan ceased its support for terrorism, relations could normalize.

Jaishankar reflected on the deterioration of bilateral relations in 2019, attributing the responsibility to actions taken by Imran Khan’s government. “After 2019, when Imran Khan’s government took steps to downgrade the relationship, it was their decision, not ours.”

Addressing the complex relationship with China, he outlined three key aspects. Firstly, he noted that peace and tranquility along the border have been disrupted. “Would you do business with someone who had barged into your home and caused a mess? It’s a common-sense proposition.”

Secondly, Jaishankar addressed the trade imbalance issue, urging the Indian business community to consider long-term implications and focus on domestic sourcing and production. “Businesses often make choices based on price points. While I understand this compulsion, we need to encourage more domestic production.”

Thirdly, the foreign minister highlighted the necessity of a national security filter in business dealings. “This doesn’t mean that nothing comes in, but certain national security sensitivities need to be evaluated.”

Jaishankar also underscored the importance of manufacturing and sourcing within India, encouraging businesses to collaborate with Indian companies whenever possible, without entirely prohibiting partnerships with Chinese firms.

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