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29/05/24 | 8:53 am | China | Indian Army

Indian troops triumph in tug of war against Chinese counterparts in Sudan

Indian troops deployed in Sudan as part of a UN Peacekeeping mission emerged victorious in a remarkable Tug of War contest against their Chinese counterparts, as confirmed by Army officials.

The event, captured in a viral video, showcases the exemplary camaraderie and competitive spirit among the troops. The viral video, authenticated by Indian Army officials, has garnered widespread attention.

In a display of physical prowess and teamwork, Indian troops demonstrated their strength and determination, securing a notable triumph over the Chinese contingent. It was a friendly yet spirited competition.

The United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS) was established by the UN Security Council under Resolution 1590[1] of 24 March 2005, in response to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on January 9, 2005, in Sudan.

UNMIS tasks are to support the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, to perform certain functions relating to humanitarian assistance, protection, promotion of human rights, and to support the African Union Mission in Sudan. (ANI)

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