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India’s food processing sector set to reach USD 535 billion by 2025-26

Anita Praveen, the Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing, emphasised the importance of research and development (R&D) in propelling the Indian food processing sector to greater heights.

Speaking at the FICCI Scientific Symposium on ‘Processed Foods for Purpose,’ Praveen highlighted the sector’s significant potential for growth and its status as a priority area within India’s agricultural landscape.

“The food processing sector has become one of the priority sectors for growth. We have already achieved high levels of growth with the resources we have. There is now a need for the food processing sector to focus on R&D to take the sector to the next level”, she said.

Praveen talkd about the crucial role of the food processing sector in driving economic growth and generating employment opportunities, particularly for micro and small enterprises.

She also outlined the strategic advantages of the food processing industry, citing the abundant availability of raw materials at competitive prices and burgeoning consumer demand both domestically and internationally.

Pointing out the advantages of the industry, Praveen remarked, “We have plenty of raw materials at good prices, and demand is strong both locally and globally. It’s a great time for the food processing industry”.

Addressing the pressing issue of food wastage, the Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing emphasised the need for comprehensive waste management strategies at every stage, from farm to fork.

She also mentioned the need to connect small businesses with larger ones to improve quality and supply chains.

“We should educate consumers and focus on quality. Consumers need to know what they’re getting, and the industry must ensure quality,” she said.

Praveen suggested closer collaboration between big and small companies to boost exports, stressing the need for quality control and strong supply chains. She highlighted the industry’s role in educating consumers about food quality and safety, aiming for transparency and awareness.

The food processing sector’s output is expected to surpass USD 600 billion by 2025-26, indicating a positive growth trend for India.

(With inputs from ANI)

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