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11/06/24 | 8:53 pm

IOA, WFI enhance support to Paris-bound wrestlers

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) have taken a significant step forward in providing unprecedented support to the nation’s wrestlers ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Vinesh Phogat’s request for additional support has also been accepted.

The IOA and WFI have assembled a comprehensive support team for the wrestlers, including experienced coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, mental conditioning coaches, and other essential staff, all dedicated to the well-being and performance enhancement of the athletes.

IOA President PT Usha emphasized the priority of supporting the athletes’ quest for success. “By providing an extensive support team, we aim to ensure that our wrestlers have access to the best resources, enabling their peak performance,” she said. “This decision aligns with our commitment to foster an environment where athletes can thrive.”

In addition to the overarching support framework, the IOA and WFI have responded positively to Vinesh Phogat’s request for additional support for her preparation for the Paris Olympic Games. Recognizing the importance of her request, an extra layer of support staff will be provided to cater to her needs.

WFI President Sanjay Singh stated that the Federation is committed to supporting all its athletes in every possible way. “We will ensure that Vinesh and all our wrestlers receive the necessary support to excel and keep India’s flag flying,” he said.

This initiative is part of the larger mission of the IOA and WFI to continuously improve the training, preparation, and overall support mechanisms available to all Indian athletes. The goal is to create a sustainable model of excellence that can propel Indians to greater heights on the global stage.

Wrestling not only contributed independent India’s first individual Olympic medal through KD Jadhav in 1952 but has also seen podium finishers in each of the Olympics since 2008. With seven medals, including two silver and five bronze, wrestling is second only to hockey in terms of medals won by Indians.

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