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03/11/23 | 12:41 pm

Islamic agitation, Bangladesh to hold rally in Dhaka

Leaders, activists and followers of  Islami agitation Bangladesh are gathering at Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhaka in large numbers on Friday for a rally called by the party.

The Islamic party demands the holding of upcoming national elections with the participation of the registered political parties. 

Several thousand activists of the party already occupied a part of the venue long before the formal start of the rally due in the afternoon, reports UNB. They were singing Islamic songs and gazals to cheer up the gathering. Organisers hope that the crowd will swell after the Juma prayer.

The party shared their demands at a  press conference on Thursday. These are: dissolution of the parliament, fair and impartial election under a national government, introduction of proportional election system and the abolition of the current Election Commission.

Navalsang Parmar(DHAKA)

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