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Israeli tech sector demonstrates resilience amid ongoing conflict

Despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel's high-tech sector remains open for business. Start-Up Nation Central, a Jerusalem-based nonprofit promoting Israeli innovation, has launched the “no matter what” campaign in collaboration with Viola Ventures, the G-CMO Forum of Israeli chief marketing officers, and Atreo branding and marketing agency.

The tech industry, constituting 18% of Israel's GDP and employing approximately 14% of the workforce, plays a crucial role in the country's economy. According to the Israel Innovation Authority, it is responsible for 50% of Israel's exports and contributes 30% of income tax revenue.

Since the conflict began on October 7, both established tech companies and startups have faced challenges. With over 360,000 military reservists mobilized for over a month, Israel is conducting air, sea, and ground operations targeting Hamas's terrorist infrastructure and aiming to rescue approximately 240 individuals taken hostage during a terrorist invasion in the northwestern Negev last month. Many individuals on the frontlines have ties to the tech industry in their civilian lives.

Estie Rosen, Director of Global Communications and Brand at Start-Up Nation Central, highlights that hundreds of companies have joined the campaign, sharing examples of uninterrupted operations during the crisis. The Israel Innovation Authority is incorporating this message into its communications strategy.

The “no matter what” campaign aims to reassure international stakeholders, investors, customers, and the workforce of Israeli companies abroad that the conflict has not disrupted ongoing operations or the nation's capacity to deliver. Yossi Carmil, CEO of Cellebrite Digital Intelligence and Forensics Solutions, emphasizes the campaign's significance in demonstrating Israel's resilience both as a country and an industry.

Carmil recalls the skepticism among some employees and partners abroad on October 7, fearing that Israel's situation might deteriorate. The need to clarify that Israel persists and can conduct business as usual became evident.

Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security, a Jerusalem-based startup addressing cybersecurity needs for car manufacturers and mobility companies, views delivering as an Israeli duty. Despite challenges, Fridman emphasizes the commitment to maintaining commercial success, especially after C2A Security was recognized as one of the winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobility on October 22.

(Inputs from ANI)

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