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Kollam residents protest as high tidal waves damage homes

Residents of Kollam city in Kerala took to the streets on Monday following the damage caused by high tidal waves in the coastal region.

Several families were forced to evacuate their homes on Sunday and cook meals on the road after water entered the buildings, resulting in extensive damage.

Protesters alleged that despite several reminders over the past three months urging the government to relocate residents living in the affected areas and implement safety measures, no action had been taken.

Congress leader Bindu Krishna, who joined the protests on Monday, said that the locals had approached the authorities several times, yet no action had been taken.

“Sea erosion has been severe in the Vedikkunnu area for the last three to four months. The local people approached the officials several times, but no action has been taken yet,” Krishna said.

“The construction of a walkway nearby has further increased erosion. People working as fishermen and domestic helpers live here. They are poor and are forced to protest due to the negligence of authorities,” she added.

The affected families have demanded compensation from the administration to repair or rebuild their homes.

Expressing their fear and frustration, a resident said, “We are all afraid. We could not have food yesterday. We are protesting because we don’t have any other option. Our demand is that those who lost their houses, fully or partially, should get monetary compensation to rebuild them.”

(Inputs from ANI)

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