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25/12/23 | 7:47 pm

‘Men in Black’ star Mike Nussbaum passes away at 99

According to reports from Variety, Nussbaum died of natural causes at his home in Chicago, just shy of his 100th birthday, as confirmed by his daughter Karen.

Throughout his illustrious career, Nussbaum portrayed notable characters, including book publisher Bob Drimmer in ‘Fatal Attraction’ (1987), a school principal in ‘Field of Dreams’ (1989), and the alien jeweler Gentle Rosenburg in ‘Men in Black’ (1997). His contributions extended across various films, such as ‘House of Games’ (1987), ‘Things Change’ (1988), ‘Harry and Tonto’ (1974), ‘Losing Josiah’ (1995), and ‘Steal Big Steal Little’ (1995).

Born on December 29, 1923, and raised in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, Nussbaum carved his path in theatre, particularly through his collaborations in David Mamet’s plays both on and off Broadway, as well as in Chicago.

Notably, he was the first actor to portray Teach in Mamet’s ‘American Buffalo’ and originated the role of George Aaronow in the 1984 Broadway production of ‘Glengarry Glen Ross.’ He also portrayed Albert Einstein in Mamet’s ‘Relativity.’

Nussbaum leaves behind his second wife, Julie, children Jack and Karen, and seven grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his daughter Susan and first wife Annette Brenner.

His legacy as a versatile actor and his contributions to the world of entertainment will be cherished and remembered by many.

-By Aditya Ahuja

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