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Modi Ki Guarantee works outside India as well, says EAM Dr. S Jaishankar

In the backdrop of various evacuation operations carried out for the safety of Indians across world, External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar reiterated the assurance of PM Modi’s commitment, extending beyond India’s borders.

The EAM emphasised the reliability of the Indian government’s support for its citizens, whether they encounter crises abroad or face challenges like those witnessed in Ukraine, Israel, or Sudan.

“In my capacity as the Minister of External Affairs, I can affirm that Modi Ki Guarantee also works beyond our borders, wherever our citizens or even our compatriots find themselves trapped,” said Jaishankar speaking at a press conference on Wednesday.

“People who go abroad for employment or as tourists, or students going for studies, they also have full confidence that Modi’s India, as it is today, will always stand by them. If any problem arises anywhere, we are there for them,” the EAM added.

During a Lok Sabha session in December last year, MoS MEA, V Muraleedharan, elucidated on the significant evacuation missions undertaken over the years. These operations, including Operation Dev Shakti in 2021, when 669 people (including 206 Afghans, including members of the Afghan Hindu/Sikh minority) were evacuated from Afghanistan.

In 2022, under “Operation Ganga” in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, as many as 18,282 Indians were evacuated, Muraleedharan said in a reply at Lok Sabha. The MoS MEA also stated that in 2023, under Operation Kaveri, a total of 4,097 people (including 136 foreign nationals) were evacuated. As many as 1,343 people including 14 OCI card holders and 20 foreign nationals were also evacuated by India during Israel-Hamas war in 2023.

( Input from ANI)

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