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05/01/24 | 4:32 pm

PM Modi extends support to Japan PM as death toll nears 100

The powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake, has left a trail of destruction, claiming at least 94 lives and causing extensive damage to infrastructure.

Prime Minister Modi, recognizing the strategic and global partnership between India and Japan, emphasized the significance of their relationship and assured Japan of India's readiness to provide all possible aid during this challenging time. The earthquake primarily affected the Noto Peninsula and surrounding areas in central Japan, leading to collapsed buildings, severed roads, and fires in Wajima City.

Despite immediate challenges, including restricted access to the affected regions, rescue operations are underway. Prime Minister Kishida, in a press briefing following a disaster emergency meeting, highlighted the ongoing difficulties in reaching certain locations due to damaged roads.

Wajima City, particularly hard-hit, witnessed the collapse of 25 buildings, including houses, while approximately 200 structures, including shops and houses around Asaichi Street, were reported to have caught fire. Firefighters are actively engaged in rescue operations, striving to navigate the challenging conditions. Japan has faced additional obstacles with a wrecked road hindering accessibility. Despite these challenges, the Meteorological Agency of Japan has lifted all tsunami advisories along portions of the country's western coast as of January 2.

(Inputs from ANI)

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