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PM Modi speaks on democracy, strong government & corruption in Doordarshan News interview

In an interview with Doordarshan News on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed several important issues. He described elections as a significant celebration of democracy and an opportunity to teach democratic values to future generations.

PM Modi emphasized the need for a strong and stable government, noting that coalition governments often lack accountability. He argued that the public prefers a government with an absolute majority, as it ensures greater responsibility.

Having held over 350 rallies in 2024, PM Modi views elections as a chance to connect with the people. He expressed that, for him, God takes two forms: the formless and the corporeal. He considers his 140 crore countrymen as the corporeal form of God and values elections as an opportunity to meet them.

The Prime Minister also spoke out strongly against corruption. He detailed ongoing efforts to recover money lost to corruption and return it to the people. Modi assured that every penny will be recovered by thoroughly investigating the properties of the corrupt.

On a personal note, PM Modi shared how his mother’s values of dedication to the country have shaped him. He mentioned the blessings he receives from millions of mothers in India and expressed his devotion to Mother Ganga, whom he also considers his mother and caretaker.

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