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PM urged NDA MPs to follow rules of Parliament, prioritise “service to country”: Kiren Rijiju

National Democratic Alliance leaders felicitated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his historic third term at the parliamentary party meeting of BJP alliance government on Tuesday.

A day after the Lok Sabha witnessed a massive uproar in the House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged all the party MPs to follow the rules of the Parliament, the Parliamentary democracy system and raise their issues effectively, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said.

Rijiju was addressing reporters after the NDA parliamentary meeting concluded this morning.

The Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs said that PM Modi stated that every MP coming to Parliament should prioritise “service to the country” and develop expertise on issues of their interest.

“Today, the PM gave us a very important mantra. He said that every MP has been elected to the House to serve the nation. Irrespective of the party they belong to, service to the nation is our first responsibility. Every NDA MP has to work by prioritizing the country, this is what the PM urged. Secondly, the PM guided us well regarding the conduct of MPs,” Rijiju said.

The meeting marked PM Modi’s first address to the MPs of the ruling bloc in his third term.

The Union Minister said that the Prime Minister has asked the MPs to develop expertise in some of the major issues of interest and represent those issues in the House.

“He said that every MP should present the matters of their constituency in the House very well as per the rules. He also told us to develop expertise in other major issues of interest – be it water, environment, or social area. So, PM told us to develop expertise in those areas. PM urged NDA MPs to follow the rules of the Parliament, the Parliamentary democracy system and conduct which is essential to becoming a good MP,” Rijiju said.

“I think this guidance by the PM is a good mantra for all MPs, especially the first-time MPs…We have decided to follow this mantra,” the Union Minister said.

Rijiju said that PM Modi has also requested all the MPs to visit the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya (Prime Minister’s Museum) in the national capital with their family members.

“The Prime Minister has also made one request. Every MP, along with their family, should visit Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya. At Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya, the journey from Pt Jawaharlal Nehru to PM Narendra Modi has been displayed beautifully. There is no political agenda…This is the first such effort that the entire country should get to know of the contribution of each PM, appreciate it, learn from it, and pay tribute to them,” he said.

“…I believe that when the PM of the country speaks, everyone – not just MPs – should take it seriously because he is the Prime Minister of the country. Great people of the country have made PM Modi, the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term historically…”

Rijiju further said, “How LoP Rahul Gandhi behaved yesterday, turned his back towards the Speaker, spoke out of rules, and insulted the Speaker is something that people of our party, the NDA should not do…”

Meanwhile, later today, Prime Minister Modi is expected to address the Lok Sabha later today.


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