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08/05/24 | 9:12 pm | Heatwave | IMD

Residents bear the brunt of torrid heatwave in India’s desert state

Residents living in India’s northwestern Rajasthan state sweltered through intense heatwave conditions on Wednesday (May 08), with forecasts suggesting no respite.

Locals were seen walking with their heads covered for protection from the scorching sun while some vendors selling cold beverages were crowded with people looking to beat the heat.

State capital Jaipur recorded a maximum temperature of 43 Degrees Celsius, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

Meanwhile, in the southern part of India, animal husbandry owners in Kottayam struggled to feed their cattle as the animals ‘lost their appetite’ due to extreme weather conditions.

Scientists say climate change is partly responsible for more frequent, severe, and longer heat waves during summer. The situation may get worse, with the weather department predicting more heat-wave days than normal till June this year.


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