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13/12/23 | 1:34 pm

Security breach in Lok Sabha, two men jump into House from visitor’s gallery

In a startling incident in the Lok Sabha, two individuals breached security by jumping into the House from the visitor’s gallery, each holding canisters emitting yellow smoke.

The breach occurred during a session where members were discussing matters of urgent public importance, and BJP MP Khagen Murmu was raising his concerns.

Visuals captured an unidentified man leaping from the visitor’s gallery, leading to a momentary commotion, prompting the House’s adjournment until 2 pm.

BJP’s Rajendra Agrawal was in the chair when the incident occurred. Congress MP Karti Chidambaram described the intruders, about 20 years old, attempting to approach the Speaker’s chair while shouting slogans.

Shortly after the incident, House Speaker Om Birla announced that the Lok Sabha is conducting a thorough investigation, with directions issued to the Delhi Police. Birla assured that the preliminary investigation indicated the smoke from the canisters was “harmless” and posed no cause for worry.

“I will inform the House of the results of the final investigation. Your concerns are also the House’s concerns. Both intruders have been apprehended, and all materials on them have been seized, with two others apprehended outside,” Birla said.

(inputs from ANI)

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