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Senator Bennet arrives in New Delhi to bolster India-US relations

US Senator Michael Bennet arrived in New Delhi last Friday to conduct meetings with Indian government officials and partners, aiming to enhance the relationship between India and the United States.

The US Embassy in India shared a post of X, showcasing his visit.

In a video message, Senator Bennet, representing Colorado, shared that he was born in New Delhi, where his parents worked at the US Embassy.

“I was born in New Delhi in 1964 and my father and mother were working at the US Embassy here for Chester Bowls, who was ambassador then”.

“That was an amazing moment in Indian history, just a decade or so after independence and it's wonderful to be back here again,” he added.

“Senator Bennet is in India for meetings with Indian government officials and partners to strengthen the #USIndia ties. Senator Bennet has a special bond with Indian, which is that he was born in New Delhi to parents working at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. His daughter is a Fulbright scholar who is currently in India,” the embassy posted.

Underlining the strong US-India people-to-people connections, Bennet pointed out that his daughter, Caroline, is currently studying in New Delhi. He expressed his purpose in India, which is to bolster the ties between the two nations through meetings. 

Bennet emphasised the robust relationship between both countries, citing students like his daughter, who come from the United States to pursue studies in India.

Taking to X, the US Embassy in India shared their delight in welcoming Senator Bennet to New Delhi, his birthplace.

“We are delighted to welcome Senator Bennet back to the Embassy and his birthplace of India! Here's to building lifelong bridges to strengthen the US-India relationship!,” the post read.

Furthermore, Bennet noted the presence of hundreds of thousands of Indian students currently studying in the US, emphasising the vast potential for collaboration between these large, intricate democracies.

He highlighted the plethora of partnerships to be forged, particularly in economic and educational domains.


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