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Sharjah art therapy event brings together artists and divyang students

In a heartwarming display of inclusivity and artistic expression, the Manzil Centre in Sharjah, in collaboration with the Funun Arts Group, recently hosted a unique live art session aimed at Divvying students under the theme “One Earth.” Organized at the Novotel Sharjah, the event titled “Joining Hands” showcased the transformative power of art therapy and the need for environmental stewardship.

The initiative brought together ten accomplished artists and ten divyang students from the Manzil Centre to create incredible art pieces side by side accomplished artists. The event was designed to foster a sense of community, support, and compassion while providing a platform for the students to explore their creative talents.

“Art has the ability to transcend barriers and bring people together,” said Shiba Khan, spokesperson of the Funun Arts Group. “Through this event, we aimed to demonstrate our commitment to highlighting the positive impact of arts on society and empowering individuals with diverse abilities .”

During the live art session, the Divyang students proved their creativity and resilience. Working side-by-side with the artists, they diligently transformed blank canvases into colorful works of art. This collaborative effort wasn’t just about artistic growth; it also encouraged social interaction, self-expression, and a deep sense of accomplishment for the students.

“Events like these help break down stereotypes and celebrate the unique abilities of individuals with determination,” commented Padma, spokesperson from the Manzil Centre at Sharjah.

The artwork created during the event will be exhibited on the occasions of World Environment Day and World Ocean Day, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of inclusivity and ecological responsibility. The UAE marks 2024 as the Year of Sustainability, underscoring the nation’s commitment to establishing sustainable practices across all sectors.

By Vinod Kumar (Dubai)

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