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Lord Mahakal’s fourth ride today, will appear in four forms simultaneously

Today, on the fourth Monday of Shravan, the fourth ride of the world-famous Jyotirlinga Lord Mahakal will be taken out with great pomp in the sequence of rides in the month of Shravan-Bhadau. Devotees of Lord Mahakal will be seen in four forms simultaneously. Avantikanath will travel around the city riding in the form of Chandramauleshwar in a silver palanquin, Manmahesh on an elephant, Shivtandav on a Garuda chariot, and Uma Mahesh on Nandi, knowing the condition of his subjects.

Sandeep Kumar Soni, administrator of the Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee, told the Hindusthan Samachar that before the departure of the ride, Lord Chandramouleshwar will be duly worshipped. After this, the ride will start from Mahakaleshwar Temple at 4:00 p.m. with royal pomp. At the main gate of the temple, armed police force personnel will salute Lord Chandramouleshwar, sitting in a palanquin. After this, Lord Chandramouleshwar will go on a city tour. During this, God will appear to his devotees in the form of Manmahesh on an elephant, Shivtandav on a Garuda chariot, and Uma-Mahesh on a Nandi chariot.

The ride will reach Ramghat via the traditional routes of Mahakal Chauraha, Gudri Chauraha, Bakshi Bazar, and Kaharwadi, where the Lord will be anointed and worshipped with the water of the Kshipra River. After this, the ride will reach Mahakaleshwar temple again via Ramanujkot, Modh ki Dharamshala, Kartik Chowk Khati temple, Satyinarayan temple, Dhaba Road, Tanki Square, Chhatri Chowk, Gopal Mandir, Patni Bazar, and Gudri Bazar.

Due to the month of Shravan, a large number of devotees from India and abroad are reaching Mahakal Darshan and Mahakal Lok. All necessary arrangements have been made by the Mahakal Temple Committee for the Mahakal ride. The live telecast of Lord Mahakal's ride will also be done on the Facebook page of the Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee.

Devotees flock to Bhasma Aarti: Today, on the fourth Monday of Shravan, Lord Mahakal is worshipped according to the rules and regulations of the Mahakaleshwar temple. In the early hours, the Bhasm Aarti of Baba Mahakal was performed, in which a large number of devotees thronged.

After the opening of the doors of the temple at 2.30 am, water was first offered to Rajadhiraj Lord Mahakal by the Pandits and Purohits, after which they were worshipped according to the rituals. Before Bhasma Aarti, Lord Mahakal is bathed with milk, curd, honey, sugar, and fruit juices. After this, the deity was decorated with cannabis, dry fruits, abir, gulal, sandalwood, etc. Thereafter, the grand Bhasma Aarti of Baba Mahakal took place, in which a large number of devotees participated. Today there will be Jalabhishek of Lord Mahakal throughout the day.

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