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PM Modi addresses public rally in Maharashtra’s Latur, discusses why he cannot think ‘small’

Senior BJP leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday outlined his ambitious vision for the nation during a public address in Maharashtra’s Latur, emphasising that he can never think small.

“Modi can never think small, Jab Bhagwan ne mujhe manufacture kiya (when God manufactured me), he didn’t put the ‘small’ chip, but only the big one,” he said at a public meeting.

Highlighting India’s achievements in various international sporting events like Olympics, Paralympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and University Games, Modi underscored the growing confidence among Indian citizens, which he believes will propel the country towards becoming a developed nation. He shared his aspiration to host the 2029 Youth Olympics and ultimately, to bring the 2036 Olympics to India.

Speaking on the security situation in the country, PM Modi noted that previously, regular announcements were made to warn about unattended objects. However, today, India can effectively safeguard its borders.

He made a jab at the Congress party, referencing the 26/11 terror attacks, stating that previously, the government could only send a dossier to Pakistan. Whereas now, India has the capability to eliminate its enemies within their own territory.

PM Modi also raised concerns regarding INDIA block’s plan to have one Prime Minister for each year, adding that the country can’t be thrown into such ‘uncertainty’.

Further challenging the Congress party, Modi condemned their manifesto’s proposal to scrutinize and potentially seize individuals’ assets, framing it as a scheme to “loot” the hard-earned wealth of the populace. He rallied against the idea of allowing the Congress party to infringe upon citizens’ property rights, employing rhetorical questions to engage the audience in rejecting such propositions.

The polling in Maharashtra is being conducted over five phases. Voting has already concluded in 13 out of the 48 seats. The counting of votes is scheduled for June 4.

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