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06/12/23 | 4:30 pm

Two Indian IITs opening their campuses abroad: Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan said during Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha that IIT Delhi is about to inaugurate a campus in Abu Dhabi, while IIT Madras has established its presence in Zanzibar with a focus on solving the educational needs of African countries. He said it aims to extend the reach of Indian educational excellence beyond national boundaries. The move underlines internationalization initiatives within the Indian education sector.

Highlighting the government's efforts to attract foreign institutions to set up campuses in India, Pradhan said, “Many foreign institutions have been invited to India. It is our priority that quality institutions come to the country. Today, our students said, “They are forced to go out. Now not only will foreign institutes come to India, but two have started the process of opening their institutes in Gujarat Gift City.”

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