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UAE Grapples with Heavy Rains, Oman Floods Claim Lives

The United Arab Emirates  is in the grip of a severe weather crisis as heavy rains batter the region, resulting in widespread flooding and travel chaos. Meanwhile, neighboring Oman mourns the loss of several lives following devastating flash floods.
In the early hours of Tuesday, torrential rain and thunderstorms unleashed chaos across various parts of the UAE, triggering flash floods and causing significant disruptions to travel and daily life. Authorities have issued urgent advisories, urging residents to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary. Dubai Airports, one of the busiest air transit hubs globally, reported the cancellation of 17 flights due to adverse weather conditions.
While the UAE grapples with the aftermath of heavy rainfall, Oman reels from the tragic consequences of recent flash floods. At least 18 people have lost their lives in Oman, with search and rescue operations underway to locate individuals still missing in the wake of the disaster. Among the casualties in Oman is Sunil kumar Sadandan, a national from Kerala, India, who tragically drowned in a wadi flood . Sadandan had been a resident of Oman for 15 years, highlighting the human toll exacted by the natural calamity.
The inclement weather in the UAE is particularly noteworthy due to the region’s arid climate, where rain is a rare occurrence. Current forecasts indicate that the region may experience rainfall exceeding 100 millimeters, nearly doubling the average annual precipitation rate.
Vinod Kumar (UAE)
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