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UAE’s minister of AI, advocates inclusive AI governance at India Global Forum Dubai

Among the speakers, UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Minister, Omar Al Olama, delivered a speech highlighting the significance of responsible AI governance and its impact on society.

Al Olama underscored the transformative influence of AI on economies and societies worldwide. He emphasized the critical need for appropriate regulation and governance to steer the development and deployment of AI in the right direction. Reflecting on India's strategic approach in creating its own AI platforms, Al Olama commended the unconventional yet prudent move, citing it as a model for many countries aspiring to harness technology effectively.

The emphasis on diversity and collaboration in AI development was a focal point in Al Olama's address at the India Global Forum. He highlighted the reality that a singular tool wouldn't dominate the AI landscape. While acknowledging the potential of comprehensive models like Chat GPT for general queries, he emphasized the importance of region-specific cutting-edge models that would come from India and Africa.

Al Olama championed the UAE's perspective on AI development, expressing the commitment to open-source initiatives such as Jiase and Falcon. He stressed the significance of inclusivity, inviting global collaboration without imposing biases or presumptions of superiority. Instead, he advocated for a collective effort to enhance and co-create AI tools that benefit everyone. The call for making AI open source was highlighted as a pivotal factor in advancing the field. Al Olama's vision centered on creating a collaborative ecosystem where diverse perspectives contribute to the refinement and development of AI tools, fostering a global platform accessible to all.

IGF ME&A acted as a platform for business leaders, policymakers, and thought leaders from the participating regions to engage in discussions and explore opportunities for collaboration and growth. The agenda encompassed topics ranging from trade and investment to innovation, technology, climate change, and sustainability.

Vinod Kumar(UAE)

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