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24/11/23 | 11:13 am

UN chief Guterres & Chile’s Boric visit Antarctica ahead of COP 28

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visited Antarctica on Thursday (November 23) accompanied by Chilean President Gabriel Boric to raise awareness on climate change.

The two arrived at Chile's President Eduardo Frei Montalva air force base and from there set off to see the Collins and Nelson Glaciers. They also stopped to see penguins and other native species at Kopaitic Island. The Arctic and Antarctic poles have severely suffered the effects of climate change.

“I am alarmed by what is happening in Antarctica where the evidence overwhelmingly shows that there is an acceleration of melting of ice, which could be catastrophic to coastal communities everywhere,” the UN Secretary General said.

Guterres will speak on his experience during U.N. climate summit COP28 in Dubai next week, where he will “call for action that matches the scale of the crisis we face”, according to UN.

World leaders will convene for the annual conference with the aim of keeping the Paris Agreement warming target of 1.5C alive. As they stand, countries' emissions pledges would still put the world on track to warm by nearly 3 degrees Celsius this century, according to a U.N. analysis released on Monday (November 20).


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