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11/12/23 | 2:21 pm

UN Climate Change Leader criticizes “Tactical Blockades” and “Strategic Landmines” in Cop28 negotiations

He underscored the critical need for securing a meaningful agreement and outlined two pivotal concerns: the ambition levels in mitigating climate change and the commitment of nations to support the necessary transition.

Stiell emphasized that achieving high ambition in both areas is feasible, but compromising on one weakens the potential for success in the other. He called on negotiators to eliminate unnecessary obstacles and stressed the necessity for the Global Stocktake to benefit all countries, cautioning that challenges affecting one nation would have far-reaching consequences.

Rejecting incrementalism and urging respect for each party's position, Stiell underscored the importance of maintaining focus on the overall objective. He warned against adopting a “win-lose” mentality, emphasizing that such an approach would lead to failure and jeopardize the security of 8 billion people.

Delegates from various regions and organizations shared their expectations for the COP28 outcome. Indigenous representatives emphasized the inclusion of indigenous knowledge in carbon market discussions, the significance of indigenous voices in agriculture negotiations, and the urgent need to phase out fossil fuels. Additionally, delegates stressed the importance of recognizing women's roles in climate action, establishing a new climate finance mechanism managed by the Global South, setting ambitious goals for adaptation, and establishing a standing agenda item for the global goal of adaptation. As the negotiations approach their final stages, the world eagerly awaits the outcome, recognizing the critical importance of the agreement in shaping the trajectory of climate action and the future of our planet.

Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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