Feedback | Friday, May 24, 2024

Weather Fluctuations End in Dubai, Recovery Efforts Underway

The Ministry of Interior Govt of UAE, along with other government agencies, has announced the conclusion of the recent weather fluctuations in Dubai. Rainfall has stopped, and weather conditions are steadily improving.

The MoI commended the efforts of field teams who took preventative measures and will continue working tirelessly until a full recovery is achieved. The Supreme Committee for Internal Security closely monitored the situation to ensure swift response and maintain business continuity.Emergency response teams, including civil defense, ambulance, rescue, and police patrols, will remain deployed to secure roads and areas with fast-moving streams, valleys, and dam exits. Their focus is on managing traffic flow and clearing rainwater to restore normal life across all public facilities.

The Ministry expressed gratitude to all involved authorities for their role in mitigating the impact of this unusual weather event. Their proactive and professional response ensured the protection of lives and property, ultimately contributing to societal stability and safety.

By Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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