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Wipro to develop AI driven tech to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease

Wipro announced partnership with the Centre for Brain Research (CBR) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru to develop a personal care engine to reduce and manage the risk of cardiovascular disease by utilizing AI, the company informed the exchange in its filing.

The company announcing the partnership on Tuesday informed that the collaboration will develop new technologies for prevention and management of long-term health disorders and to provide precision support for these diseases.

The company highlighted that the personal care engine will focus on reducing and managing the risk of cardiovascular disease and correlated neurodegenerative disorders, by using AI to personalize its interaction with users, optimizing for their long-term health and wellbeing. Wipro will test the engine through a digital app-based trial in collaboration with CBR at IISc.

The company says that this partnership will focus on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data analytics to develop these technologies.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the CBR and IISc on this journey. Our personal care engine enables wide ranging applications and benefits for health management. It has the potential to mitigate lifestyle related conditions and even enhance cognitive and psychosocial functioning” said Subha Tatavarti, Chief Technology Officer, Wipro Limited.

Wipro highlighted that its research & development (R&D) team, part of Lab45, will design and develop a personal care engine – an AI that will take into account an individual’s health history, desired health state, and other behavioural responses – to promote healthy aging, positive lifestyle changes, and psycho-social wellbeing to meaningfully improve an individual’s health over time.

“Our collaboration with CBR will pioneer solutions at the intersection of computing and cognitive sciences, bringing scalable personalized care support for some of the most chronic health challenges globally. Cardiovascular conditions are a particular focus for us, because of their strong association with long-term cognitive issues and the potential for broad health and wellbeing benefits at lower costs,” said Dr. Ajay Chander, Head of Research and Development, Wipro Limited.

This trial will generate valuable evidence regarding the engine’s effectiveness for contexts that are deeply relevant for long-term health outcomes. Wipro’s technological expertise, combined with CBR’s leading brain science research, will unlock new possibilities for patient care and cognitive and overall health.

“Working with Wipro allows us to amplify our scientific expertise through large-scale digital applications. This partnership will accelerate the path from research to real-world solutions in cognitive and overall health,” said Professor K.V.S. Hari, Director, Centre for Brain Research.

The collaboration in R&D capability of both institutions will develop systems that deliver better health outcomes at the population scale. (ANI)

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