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15/11/23 | 11:40 am

Yemen’s Houthis say they launched ballistic missiles on Israeli military targets

Yemen's Houthis said on Tuesday (November 14) that they launched a batch of ballistic missiles against various Israeli targets.

The group's military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said in a televised statement the group “launched a batch of ballistic missiles at various targets of the Israeli enemy in the occupied Palestinian territories, including sensitive targets in the area of Umm Al-Rashrash (Eilat).”

The launch came “just 24 hours after another military operation carried out by our armed forces using drones on the same targets,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that the group “will not hesitate to target any Israeli ship in the Red Sea or any location that falls within our reach, starting from the moment this statement is announced.”

Israel's military said earlier on Tuesday (November 14) it had used its “Arrow” aerial defence system to intercept a missile in the vicinity of the Red Sea after air raid sirens had sounded in the southern port city of Eilat.

The military said the projectile did not cross into Israeli territory and did not say who had fired it.

Yemen's Houthi movement has launched repeated missile and drone attacks on Israel since the Hamas assault on Israel on Oct. 7, all of which have either been shot down or fell short.


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